Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sweet Talking Mexican Mum

Week 10

If you haven't already checked out, make sure you do it asap. It's a one stop shop for excellent 15 minute lectures from industry leaders in 'T'echnology, 'E'ntertainment and 'D'esign (i.e. just about everything)

Why do I mention it now? TED has recently granted Jamie Oliver $100,000 to enable his wish for everyone to ' create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.'

I don't agree with everything Jamie says or does but I do respect the fact that he stands up and makes things happen. And it's worth 18 minutes of your time to listen to his empassioned speech about the perils of our current eating habits.

On a lighter note, don't forget it's Mother's Day on Sunday!!!

If you're looking for a small gift that Mum will definitely like, try this week's Food of the Week!

Burnt Sugar Fudge

So this is definitely one to be eaten in moderation. I don't have an enormous sweet tooth but when I tried their crumbly stem ginger fudge I promptly consumed 50g in approximately 60 seconds (and yes that is my last piece in the photo!). The non-uniform chunks of fudge are just the perfect combination of crumbly and solid and there's been no scrimping on the stem ginger which is great for ginger fans or anyone with a cold!

If you don't like ginger, there's always crumbly chocolate fudge, crumbly fudge with sea salt and the original crumbly fudge to try.

So what's the difference?

They've just got the texture and the flavours perfectly balanced. It's exactly how fudge should be.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any particular nutritional benefits (apart from there being no artificial things in it) but is probably very good for anyone planning to run a marathon or climb a mountain (this beats Kendal Mint Cake hands down!)

Best Way to Serve

After dinner, with coffee

Where can I buy Burnt Sugar fudge and what's it going to do to my bank balance?

Price: around £2 for 105g

Burnt Sugar Fudge is available from Waitrose, Whole Foods, Borough Market, Oxfam (it uses Fair Trade sugar) and delis and farmshops across the country

Restaurant of the Week


This week's choice is Wahaca; a restaurant that's all about Mexican Market Food.

Wahaca chef and co-founder is Thomasina Miers, a previous winner of Masterchef who spent a year in Mexico investigating their market food. What we get in return for that year of research is a series of Mexican inspired dishes that are sourced as ethically and locally as possible. Insodoing, you'll find ingredients ranging from Devon chillies to British field mushrooms to MSC* certified herrings from off the Hastings coast

So finally we have a decent Mexican in London which makes the most of our own local ingredients!

*MSC = Marine Stewardship Council who work with partners to encourage sustainable fishing practices

Why is it good?
1) Great locations - just off Charing Cross, Westfield, Canary Wharf
2) The food is great with really fresh flavours - you can choose from lots of small plates to share to bigger more substantial ones. And the margaritas are pretty good too
3) It's quick, good value for money with excellent service in a buzzy yet comfortable environment (particularly at Westfield)

n.b. you can't reserve tables so be prepared to wait a little, particularly at the Charing Cross branch

Wahaca on Urbanspoon

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