Monday, 4 January 2010

2010: The Year of Eating Better!

Why am I doing this?!

To celebrate the start of a new decade, I will provide a weekly foodie update that will hopefully help you to:

a) find really nice foods - in London
b) learn really easy ways to enjoy them (I'm not a chef so it won't be complicated)
c) enjoy really good, value for money restaurants - in London

I regularly get asked these questions by friends and family so by creating a blog, I'm hoping that this information can be enjoyed by a much wider group of people and that more people can contribute their ideas.

Susan's Thought for the Year
Apparently we waste 33% of the food we purchase, mainly down to supermarket promo offers which encourage us to buy more than we need.
The solution: buy less but buy better quality - I guarantee you'll waste a lot less

The first instalment!

Food of the Week

Contrary to expectations that I'll talk about something mindblowing at this point, I'm going to talk about ... butter.

Butter is one of the most basic ingredients in the world. Chefs love it and nutritionists hate it. Occasionally, some of us allow ourselves the luxury of something pre-packed from a supermarket...but when you try the following. you'll never buy pre packed butter again!

Go to the Real France stall (in the new Jubilee Market at Borough Market*) where, amongst other dairy products, they sell loose butter in salted, unsalted and a salted unpasteurised variant. TRY THE UNSALTED VERSION!

Real France butter comes from Echiré in Western France and, according to Alex who sources it, owes it's amazing taste to the fact that the cream is churned on the very same day that it arrives on the dairy. In addition, the butter is washed in spring water (from the dairy's own spring) and it's also the only dairy in France that churns in teak wood.

n.b. Alex knows a thing or two about good food as he used to work for 3* Michelin chef Nico Ladenis of Chez Nico fame...

Best Way to Serve
I'll make this really easy! Get some really good bread (if you're at Borough already, go to the Flour Station for their multigrain bread) and spread the butter on top. Eat.
If you want, add some smoked salmon on top and cut into squares for canapés.
The best things in life are simple - try this and you'll agree!

Price: £12 per 100g. In real terms this works out at an extra £1 vs the supermarket. Which isn't really very much for a mindblowing taste experience of what butter should really taste like!

Restaurant of the Week
Terroirs, 5, William IV Street, WC2, (very close to Charing Cross station)

Why is it good?
1) Great location, casual with a friendly atmosphere
2) Excellent service (the staff have always been very good when I've been there)
3) Good choice of wines and a simple, quality food offer including great small sharing plates of charcuterie (the terrine and salami are extremely good), as well as larger seasonal plates including tartiflette, Dorset crab or bavette. Expect to spend £20-£30 per person on a normal evening.
3b) I like their logo
At peak times, book a table in advance...

Is this helpful? Send me your comments!

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*Borough Market is open on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. Finding the new Jubilee Market section is not easy as someone has cleverly chosen signage that blends into the surroundings! Best thing is to ask a trader for directions or head towards The Rake bar or Vinopolis and you should see the stalls...


  1. sue, you only ever eat vegetables ???

    ..but seriously, I think this is a great idea..keep it up (but dont encourage me to eat butter - think of my cholesterol !) and you'll soon have a big following (Bridget Jones)..

    ...and take me out to dinner at 'terroirs' some time in 2010 ?!!!

    Martino. x

  2. Oh my god how embarrassing! Martin, there was a momentary lapse about 20 years ago when I very mistakenly thought that being a vegetarian was a good idea. It didn't last long after discovering Italian ham followed by rare steak and just meat in general very soon after!!!

  3. Careful you don't knock your veggie friends! Really good first blog, and would happily recomment to friends to read & digest!